instagram diary.

L to R: J packed to move over the weekend. champs was a necessity // gotta love a holiday starbucks cup // L fell in love with this retro clock at The Loft Hotel in Jacksonville // Romes got a sweet treat on our lunch run through chick fil a // L and Joe in Gainesville for an historic Georgia Southern victory // we stayed hydrated over the weekend with roots pressed juices // J made a rookie mistake after packing up her dish detergent // Baby Joe was ECSTATIC to ride a real train through the north georgia mountains // healthy and delicious snacks during L’s visit to atlanta

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Coming at you this week: last-minute Thanksgiving decor, leftover turkey recipe ideas and a holiday bar cart how-to. Cheers to a short week!

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nail tips.

Here at TGL, Laura and I are *obsessed* with painting our nails. No color or design is off limits. With that said, I bring you neon tips with the help of reinforcers. (yep, those crazy white circles you used in high-school to keep your paper from falling out of your binder) Check it:


I purchased these polish/reinforcers at my local CVS/Ulta. Feel free to switch up the colors! I think fushia with silver glitter tips will be my next move. Me? Glitter? Surprise Surprise.

Step 2: TIPS

Okay SO I figured this out the hard way… You need to start by painting your tips on fresh clean nails! The reinforcers were so sticky they even pulled up dry polish. Not cute…


Step 3: FILL IN

I found that taking the brush in horizontal strokes rather than vertical helped a lot! Either way, practice is going to be key. I’ll be honest, I re-did mine 3 times before I got them halfway decent. Perfectionist tendencies…

J’ai fini.


Romes decided he wanted to cheer me on while taking on the task of neon tips…


What nail trend will you be trying this summer, Glitter Girls?

X0 J

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