friday five: weekend to-dos.

Hell to the yes. It’s finally Friday. Check out our ideas to make the most of your two precious days off. Don’t waste your weekend!

Friday Five: Inspiration
So many ideas…so little time!

1) Make these easy fridge fill pickles via the Smitten Kitchen.

2) Try one of these twenty easy DIYs…all under $10. MUST MAKE: the gold dot patterned wallpaper!

3) Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe. THIS IS FASCINATING. WE ARE DOING THIS.

4) Grill some veggies.

5) Focus on developing just one of these twenty habits happy people know.

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instagram diary.

Happy July, everybody! Time to recap a few of our fave recent instagram moments. Not following us? Get on that.

totally adorable belle ambiance pinot grigio | word | amazing beef tartare at king + duke | precious cake pops from J’s coworker | taking in the ATL views from Jay’s office | obsessing over Waiting on Martha’s bridal party decor in Occasions Magazine.
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omelet muffins.

We are big fans of breakfast here at The Glitter Life. We believe in beginning our days with something fresh and healthy – breakfast boosts our metabolism AND our mood. While there’s no denying the nutritional goodness of a green smoothie, we usually need something a little more solid (and a little less time and dishwasher-space consuming). Voila, these genius Omelet Muffins! Make a batch on the weekend and just reheat one before you run out the door.

These are totally customizable. Add healthy protein (turkey bacon, diced ham, soy sausage crumbles), cheese and veggies to create your perfect combination.

Omelet Muffins adapted from Lauren Conrad

rise and shine!
rise and shine!


  • muffin pan
  • 6 eggs (beaten and seasoned a pinch of salt and pepper)
  • mix-ins…

-diced ham
-bell pepper
-shredded cheese


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and generously grease the bottoms and sides of your muffin pan to ensure a stick-free removal once the omelets are done baking.
  2. Make sure your eggs are beaten and you’ve added the salt and pepper.
  3. Fill the bottoms of your muffin pan (about 1/3 of each individual tin) with the different mix-ins you chose.
  4. Then fill the tins with your eggs. The omelets will puff up a little when you bake them, so make sure to leave just a tiny bit of space at the top of each tin. Stir each mixture slightly to combine your eggs with the ingredients.
  5. Bake for 18-20 minutes, or until you can poke the centers with a knife and it comes out clean (or almost clean).


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friday five | going green.

J: My friends Maggie, Mary and I decided to take our girls night to the Atlanta Botanical Garden this week. Amazing decision. We cruised (while sipping wine, of course) and admired the super impressive sculptures. Love being a tourist in our own city. Here are my top five moments from the night:

photo 1
Maggie and the belly of the beast.
photo 2
The bush version of Romeo.
photo 3
photo 4
Love the artichoke accessory.
photo 2(1)
Walls of orchids. SO pretty.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Us. And an Ogre.
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big news.

Guess what, Glitter Girls…


I have been in an absolute state of bliss since Monday night when Jay proposed. It was such an amazing, well-planned night and I have to share it with you all.

First, everything was a total surprise. I have no idea how everyone was able to keep such a big secret! I always knew we would get engaged, I just didn’t know when.

Jay text me Monday at noon asking if I wanted to go to the Atlanta Hawks game that night at 7:30. As season ticket holders, we go to these games often, so I didn’t think anything of it. I responded “We can do that. I love Hawks games!” Little did I know I was REALLY going to love this one.

I got home from work and started getting ready since we needed to leave early. Traffic is slightly unpredictable in Atlanta… I throw on jeans, a top and a pair of white chucks Jay gave me. I casually posted a pic of them on instagram not knowing what was about to happen…

said chucks. so naive.

We arrive at Philips Arena around 7:00. 30 minutes before tip off, so I grab a slice of pizza and a plastic glass of their finest chardonnay. Not suspecting anything! This was our usual routine.

Let me tell you all. I’m obsessed with Kiss Cam at these games. Ob. Sessed. I always joked with Jay about wanting to be on and even the day of the proposal, I text him “How do we feel about kiss cam tonight?” His response: “Honestly? Not good. You?” Me: “-_-”

We’re sitting. Chatting. Watching the game. And at the end of the first quarter… KISS CAM. We’re watching, laughing, loving it. Next thing I know… WE’RE ON! I look to Jay for a kiss and he DROPS TO ONE KNEE. Pulls out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life, and asks me to marry him. I nod yes and begin sobbing.


Jay and I walk up to the main level to cheers and high fives. The entire stadium totally erupted. So surreal.

I regain my composure and Jay suggests we go up to Red (a restaurant in Philips Arena) and grab a drink. I of course am ITCHING to call friends and family. We walk in and I see some familiar faces… my parents, Jay’s dad & step-mom, my friends Maggie, Mary, Kati and ANNIE who was in town {from Chicago} over the weekend for her sweet nephews 1st birthday and extended her stay to be with us. I’m sobbing again. They watched everything happen and that means SO much to me. Jay pulled everything off so perfectly. So. Perfect. We laughed, we cried and of course, had celebratory champagne.

Engagement 049
m’girls! and guy!

HERE WE GO! Stay tuned for updates as we plan a WEDDING! X0


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instagram diary.

j + j do hawktoberfest, romes is happy to see SPRING (as are we), fresh veggies for grilling, john caparulo’s stand up at the improv was hysterical, gorgeous tulips in j’s kitchen, spring statement necklace by L, ARM PARTY, jay and his niece, ellery, at the atlanta auto show, special delivery from nuts.com, teeing it up at reynolds landing, “joe cool” enjoying his starbucks treat, the oh-so-famous chicken biscuit from buttermilk kitchen, cheering on jay’s alma mater, Kenucky, as they play for their 9th national championship!
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feature: john caparulo.

Guys. You totally recognize John Caparulo from the E! hit show, Chelsea Lately.  Cap, as he’s known by friends and fans, has also made appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central Presents, The Next Generation of Blue Collar, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and as a standout performer in Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show.  He has recently teamed up with his wife, Jamie, in a podcast called Domestic Disputes. It’s beyond hysterical. You can catch him live at The Improv Atlanta April 3-5. We may even give away tickets to a show…

John Caparulo The Glitter Life
the man himself.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Cap and it’s pretty amazing. Check it:

TGL: You and your wife, Jamie’s, podcast “Domestic Disputes” is amazing.  How did you come up with the idea?

JC: Well, it didn’t really take much brainstorming to develop the concept.  I think my wife just decided to get something more than a headache out of my incessant soapboxing.  The idea of doing a podcast always seemed interesting to me, but I’ve always been too afraid of sounding self-indulgent by blathering into a USB mic for an hour a week and assuming that the whole world is interested in hearing it.  But I might have taken for granted how honest we get to be with each other, and that dynamic can produce a lot of comedy as well as a depth that I can’t always reach when I’m on stage with a room full of strangers waiting to laugh.  We’re only a few episodes into it, but I feel like we’re getting more and more comfortable with it each time.  I mean, we’re used to arguments around the house, but there’s usually no sound check before those.

TGL: You used to work as a groundskeeper at a golf course. What are the weirdest things you found in a golf cup?

JC: You know, I was never surprised to see a human turd inside a golf cup.  I was more amazed at the apparent amount of pinpoint accuracy that it took to get it in there.  Every time I’ve tried it, I keep missing badly, and then I look up and see angry golfers wanting to play through.  They yell “Fore!”  And I yell back “Occupied!!”   

TGL: Coke or Pepsi?

JC: Coke, by a wide margin.  I had to make a health conscious decision and free myself from my Coca-Cola addiction.  Now I’m strictly a sweet tea man.  For the sake of good health and cleaner living, I had to cut bubbles out of my diet.

TGL: If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

JC: Bill Murray.  That way I could just live the same day over and over again in Punxsutawney.

TGL: What’s something interesting about Chelsea Lately that the typical viewer would never know or see?

JC: Well, I’m pretty sure that everyone sees it, but I don’t think they can really appreciate it as much as I do.  What I’ve always loved about Chelsea Lately is its genuine spontaneity and its uniqueness as a result of that.  Every other late night show I’ve done is full of rehearsals, censors, and a host who’s so distracted and disengaged that it sucks every bit of fun out of the artistic process.  Chelsea’s show is alive.  I look forward to it every time I do the show.

TGL: Besides yourself, what comedians would you pay to see?

JC: I would pay to see Eddie Murphy.  When I was a doorman at The Comedy Store, it seemed like there was a rumor circulating about once a year that Eddie was gonna make a return to stand-up comedy.  It never happened, but it goes to show how great that guy was and the undeniable effect he had on our art form.  I can understand why he’s stayed away, but guys like Chris Rock are who I admire and respect the most.  I’ve never had to pay to see Chris because he’s a lifer, and I wanna be a lifer.  For 15 years, I’ve seen that guy work like a mad scientist to get better, despite the fact that he achieved what most of us consider perfection in 1996.  I think that’s really the only way to be great at anything though, when someone is too obsessed with the work to be concerned with its results.

TGL: What’s your favorite word?

JC: Well, my wife was telling me about some online discussion about my use of the word ALRIGHT.  When I started getting asked to do stand-up on TV, I jumped at the chance like anybody would.  But when I had to decide what material to use, I realized something that maybe everyone else had overlooked— I say FUCK a lot.  I also say SHIT a lot.  And I loved BITCH.  So how the hell was I gonna be funny without my cuss words?  I know it seems simple to everyone else that the profanity isn’t necessary, and I could easily remove the bad words and be just as funny.  And that’s true on paper.  But when you’re used to telling stories one way and then suddenly have to tell them a different way in front of a national TV audience, it’s hard to adjust.  So, in order to keep the rhythm of my usual cadence, I found myself on TV saying the word ALRIGHT at the end of every sentence and phrase.  ALRIGHT became the water in order to water down my material.  ALRIGHT took the place of all the words that would turn funny into hilarious.  ALRIGHT was my best friend for a long time because it made my comedy ALRIGHT for TV.  So, considering how much ALRIGHT did for me, I’d have to say my favorite word is DOUCHEBAG.  TV sucks anyway.  I’d rather be funny online than ALRIGHT on TV.  So FUCK those DOUCHEBAGS.

TGL: What’s in the trunk of your car right now?

JC: Nothing.  I’m not one of those guys who’s obsessed with cleaning his car or anything.  I just never leave a mess inside it.  I always hate getting into someone’s trash-filled car that smells like cigarettes and farts.  How does it get that way?  Why don’t they at throw their coffee cups away when they stop at 7-11 to buy that cup?  And why is there never an open cup holder?  And is that a dead goldfish?  If your car were a restroom stall, I would probably hold it.  But apparently you have friends who feel differently.  Ew.

TGL: What’s your plan, other than performing, while in Atlanta?

JC: Probably some eating and sleeping.  My wife is staying home on this trip, so I get to do nothing and not feel bad about it.  I get to poop with the door open and also not feel bad about that.  I can’t wait to let my hair down in Atlanta!!

TGL: If you had a vanity license plate, what would it say?

JC: MZK912.  I’m just not into vanity.

We know. You’re dying. Lucky for you, we’re giving away 2 tickets to one of John’s show at The Improv on April 3-5! To enter:

1. Like The Glitter Life on Facebook

2. Follow The Glitter Life on Twitter

The winner will be announced 4.1.14. We’re not fooling you…


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whipped ricotta + herbs.

After dining recently at St. Cecilia in Buckhead, I absolutely had to make some of my own. Such a perfect / easy app to throw together:

photo c/o kate ann photography
photo c/o kate ann photography


fresh ricotta cheese {no diet versions, ladies}

olive oil

rosemary, sage and thyme


Place ricotta cheese in a food processor and whip for 30 seconds or until smooth and fluffy. Stir in chopped herbs. Drizzle olive oil over top, garnish with herbs and serve with focaccia.

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skin matters.

We had the privilege of attending the launch of the latest Dermalogica Hybrid space in Atlantic Station last week. To say we were blown away is an understatement. The space offers consumer education, sales and training as well as a retail area and interactive classroom. The first concept of Dermalogica’s hybrid location opened last year in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Attendees included Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand; Heather Hickman, senior director of U.S. education, and Diana Howard, Ph.D., vice president of global education and research and development. All skincare geniuses. We were fortunate to be able to pick their brains (at a private dinner! so VIP!), and we were so impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm for the brand.

To be expected, the products are nothing short of amazing. After a week of using the special cleansing gel, multi-active toner, and daily micrfoliant, our skin has totally recovered from winter. Next up, the multivitamin power recovery masque. We hear this product is life changing. Stay tuned for our review…

Copyright Erica Aitken Photography
J, Founder: Jane Wurwand, L.
Photo c/o Erica Aitken
Atlanta Dermalogica
facial anyone?
Atlanta Dermalogica
cozy details.
Dermalogica Atlanta
beautiful centerpieces at dinner with dermalogica and co.

We know. You’re dying to check out Dermalogica. And lucky for you, we have a special offer for The Glitter Life readers! Simply ‘Like’ Dermalogica Atlanta on Facebook and receive a FREE MicroZone treatment {$30 value}. In 20 minutes, this treatment targets your specific skin-related concerns {dryness, blackheads, dullness, etc.}. We couldn’t recommend it more!

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