J and I both love an up-do. Especially on Day 4 (don’t tell us you’re washing your hair every day!). On Sunday, overwhelmed with 1) dirty hair and 2) about five minutes to get ready, I threw my hair in a French twist…which looked pretty good. It got me thinking about other (easy) up-dos to try.

Here are some of my faves:

Love this side-swept French Twist – use a teasing comb and dry shampoo to achieve this look. Leave your top layers (or bangs) out for a looser look. Bobby pin them near your ear if they’re too long.

Up Do #1
kate upton.

The side bun is THE up-do of the season (even though there’s not a lot of “up” to it). Curl your hair with a curling iron, gather your hair in a deep side part, and twist the curls into a knot covering the opposite ear from your part. Use bobby pins to pin the knot in place.

Up Do #2
jessica lu.

A high bun is easy for the up-do novice. Gather your hair in a high half-pony (don’t pull it all the way through). Twist the ends around the knot and secure with bobby pins. Unlike the first two looks, this one should be clean and crisp. Smooth your whispies with hairspray, and make sure the hair underneath the bun is smooth.

Up-Do #3
lauren conrad.

And here’s a mini-tutorial for an up-do perfect for short or medium-length hair. Twist one side across the back and secure with bobby pins. Ditto for the other side, pinning the ends opposite the first side. Voila!

Quick Twist

Here’s my French twist:

L's French Twist
pardon the stray bobby pin! #inahurry

For all of these, you’ll need:

Up-Do Collage
hair spray // rubber bands // teasing comb // bobby pins // dry shampoo

What’s your favorite up-do?



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february ’13 birchbox.

Happy Thursday, ladies!

Sorry for the delay in my Birchbox post. Our Vegas trip had me playing catch-up all week. Without further ado…

February Birchbox
the goods.

1. Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle. I love a leave-in treatment. With uber long hair like mine, it’s pretty much a requirement. This product really has its way with frizz. It’s back-ordered until March 2 for a reason…

Beauty Protector
a shield from heat and sun damage.

2. Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips. Yes, this was originally created for new mothers facing sore nipples from breastfeeding. BUT it has gained a rep with London makeup artists as the ultimate lip gloss. I have to agree! Put it on before bed and wake up with super smooth lips.

Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips
L and her mom are big fans, too.

3. Juicy Couture Couture La La. It’s no secret that L and I love the Juicy perfumes and Couture La La is no exception. This fruity/floral scent is really pretty and not too sweet or too girly. Hmmm, I think it’s time for new full-size bottle….

Couture La La
make heads turn with Couture La La.

4. Dermablend™ Smooth Indulgence SPF 20 Concealer. I appreciate a concealer that doesn’t feel heavy or thick. Smooth Indulgence from Dermablend stays in place and gives plenty of coverage without weighing your face down. Highly recommend.

Dermablend Concealer
this provides a nice layering base.

5. Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel SQUARES. What a pleasant surprise! I love these little squares, but won’t ever buy them for myself. Hint, hint. -_-

Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel SQUARES
a girl needs chocolate every now and then…

6. Votivo Mini Candle. I’m pretty sensitive to strong scents, but Red Current by Votivo was quite pleasant!

Votivo Mini Candle
citrusy sweet.

Share with us what was in your February Birchbox! Twitter @glitter_blog_xo and Instagram glitter_blog_xo. We made it easy for you!

To join Birchbox, click here.


J + L

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