J: Monday. We meet again. As drab as it may sound, I have some exciting finds to share with you!

Jay and I are getting married in a mere 61 days (EEEK.) Needless to say, we’ve kicked our diets and exercise into HIGH gear.

With the help of Jawbone UP and My Fitness Pal apps, it’s actually been fun! Here’s the story:

To start, Jay got us each one of these little cuties:


Jawbone UP Move tracks your steps and activity as well as your sleep patterns.Check it:

The Glitter Life Jawbone Up

We synced these bad boys with My Fitness Pal for the complete package. Set your goals and log your calories consumed via the MFP app and let your Jawbone tell you what you’ve burned. Make your adjustments as necessary. Easy.


What fitness apps do you use? Share with us!


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