Whoops! We’re back.

We totally forgot to include our friend Jen’s awesome astroturf mani in our weekend wrap-up. Here it is, in all its green glory.

Astroturf Nails
file this away for next football season.

We begged Jen to share the how-to, and since she’s 100% Team Glitter, she obliged.

Astrotuf Mani:

  • Doing one nail at a time, paint on one medium coat of Essie’s Going Incognito.
  • Doing one nail at a time, sprinkle green tinsel glitter (available at craft stores) over the polish. Lightly pat it down so that it really sticks to the polish.
  • Let dry for five minutes. Apply a generous clear coat.

How creative is that? Did you do a super bowl-themed mani this weekend? Tweet us @glitter_blog_xo!