Happy Thursday, glitter girls!

‘Tis the season for holiday travel…and all of the headaches that go with it. Lucky for you, honorary glitter girl Brooke Carney is a travel expert. She regularly flies from her home in Alaska back to Georgia, Florida and points in between. Girl makes it look easy. Today, she shares her top air-travel tips with us.

1. Carefully consider your travel outfit. Whether you’re going by plane, train or auto, this is one of the most important (yet most overlooked) decisions you can make. I like a maxi dress or skirt with a tank, sweater (like a blanket) and scarf (like another blanket) and boots. When I land in Atlanta, the bulky stuff goes in my luggage, the flip flops come out of the purse, and I’m ready for the south.

Travel Outfit
don’t forget your movie star shades.
Travel Outfit
perfect, sans sky high boots.
Travel Outfit
casual, comfy, cozy.

2. Bring real books. I just picked up two from my favorite used book store–two best sellers for $4.50! As handy as a Nook or Kindle is, there’s something comforting about reading a real book, and holiday travelers need all the comfort we can get. Plus, I don’t have to stop reading when we get down to 10,000 feet. When I arrive at my destination, I pass the books along to family or donate them at the local library.

3. Load up your iPhone with calming music. I just put together a play list with Ray LaMontagne, Fleet Foxes, and old, slow country. Put your ear buds in and tune out the airport obnoxiousness.

iPhone Cases
courtesy of Shop Sweet Things.

4. Make a good layover plan. Mine involves a mani/pedi at Butter in the Seattle airport (there are nail salons in most major airports–do your research!), followed by a glass of wine at the airport bar near my gate. Getting my nails done on the run eliminates one thing from my pre-travel to-do list.

love this glittery mani for the holidays.
love this subtly glittery mani for the holidays.

5. Pack an I-didn’t-just-get-off-the-red-eye kit. Airplanes are really drying, so be sure to hydrate during the flight. For a little extra help, I use cleansing towelettes to get the grime off, a cooling gel to de-puff my eyes, and dry shampoo to revive my hair. Remember to make sure that your products meet TSA guidelines!

Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel
Yes To Cucumbers eye gel smooths and brightens.
Burt's Bees Towelettes
choose products for sensitive skin even if yours isn’t. fewer chemicals, dyes and perfumes can’t be a bad thing.

What are your go-to travel products? How do you deal with layovers? Tweet us at @glitter_blog_xo!


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