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Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. Doesn’t matter. Your eyes need shade all year long! Not sure what shape flatters your face? Read on for our tips:


1. Square Face: To minimize the sharp angles on your face, go for frames with curves that will add softness to your face. Recommended styles: Cat-eye, oval and round.

2. Round Face: Opt for sunglasses with frames wider than or equal to the broadest part of your face. You can do rectangular, square or angular styles. Sunglasses with brow bars also work for you! Recommended styles: Broad square, angular or rectangular.

3. Diamond Face: You can wear softly curved angular frames or oval rames. Avoid wearing frames that are wider than the upper part of your cheek bones. Recommended styles: Rimless, oval or angular.

4. Oval Face: An oval face has a chin that is comparatively narrower than the forehead. The cheek bones are also high. The good news is that most frames suit the shape of your face. Try wearing lots of geometric shapes that will add sharpness to the soft curves of your face. Recommended styles: Rectangular, square.

5. Heart Face: You could try frames with low-set temples in order to take the attention off the upper part of your face. You could also pick narrow circular frames which will add a few curves to your forehead. Frames that are heavy at the bottom are also ideal for your face shape because they add width to the lower area of your face. Recommended styles: Circular, cat eyes.

6. Oblong Face: Choose sunglasses with frames no wider than the widest part of your face. Decorative temples are meant for you–they provide your face with needed width. Recommended styles: Round, square and frames with short horizontal and long vertical lines.

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