Okay, SO. Some days we don’t feel so great. Too many late nights, too many dinners that consist of cheese and crackers (or worse, PIZZA), not enough exercise…ugh. Bottom line, some days we just want to feel clean. Get back to basics. You get it.

L was in Atlanta last week, so we met for lunch at Roots Pressed Juices, located in the Shops Around Lenox. We were a little apprehensive, but in the interest of good health, we dove in. Bottom line: one week later, we feel much better. Here’s what we tried:

The Glitter Life Roots Juices
here goes nothing.

Liver Cleanse: We each got one (don’t judge). Um…it’s pretty bad. The main ingredient is beet juice, so basically it tastes like you put your face in a pile of dirt. HOWEVER…we both got it down, and we feel better for it.

The Glitter Life Liver Cleanse
rough, but worth it.

Fat Fighter: Not good, but not that bad, either. Tastes like sour grapefruit juice. Definitely better ice cold.

Skin Glow: Decent. Has a pronounced celery flavor. J liked it!

Immune Booster: Pretty good! L chugged it on the way to Augusta last Friday. Worth it.

The Glitter Life Immune Booster
we recommend.

Health Nut: This is delicious. We both think it tastes too good to be good for us. A must try.

Wake Up: Not horrible. The first sip isn’t fun, but it gets easier.

The Glitter Life Wake Up
sip by sip.

Detox H20: Sometimes, this is all you need. And it’s super easy to make at home. Cayenne pepper, filtered water, & lemon juice. Done and done.

The Glitter Life Detox
we just want to feel CLEAN.

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