Last week, Jay and J were excited to try a restaurant that opened recently near their house in the Andrews Entertainment District. Stillhouse Craft Burgers and Moonshine is a gem located downstairs next to Cellar 56 Wine Bar. Jay was particularly excited to give them a try–moonshine really takes him back to his University of Kentucky roots. Let us break it down for you:

Cocktails: J started with the Blood Red Moon Margarita {fresh lime juice, agave nectar, blood orange liqueur, and Troy & Sons Platinum shine}, and Jay had CatDaddy Moonshine smoked with apple. Instant fans of both.

Main Course: Their burgers are served with an inverted top bun. Why, you ask? How often do you remove your burger bun to add condiments? Every. Time. They take care of this step for you. So courteous.

Sides: The burger is absolutely plenty to fill you up. 100%. BUT, being the mac & cheese connoisseur J is, she had to give theirs a try. It lives up to the “spicy” in its name and was the perfect compliment to the meal.

Dessert: J’s never one to pass on dessert. Especially when the words Krispy and Kreme are involved. Donut fans, this bread pudding is to die for.

The Glitter Life Stillhouse
digging the leather bound menus.
The Glitter Life Stillhouse
blood red moon margarita.
The Glitter Life Stillhouse Burger
the classic, sans bacon. love the homemade pickles!
The Glitter Life Stillhouse Mac & Cheese
spicy macaroni & cheese.
The Glitter Life Stillhouse Mac & Cheese
a twist on a classic.
The Glitter Life Stillhouse
impromptu shine tasting.
The Glitter Life Stillhouse Bread Pudding
krispy kreme bread pudding.
Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding
yes, it’s as amazing as it looks.

Thanks for the invite, guys! Now, here’s the info for all our Atlanta readers who want to try it for themselves:

Stillhouse Atlanta:




Phone: (678) 244-3601